Bill Matthews

My interest in computers and other forms of computer geekery stems from the early 1980’s when I taught myself how to program on such wonderful computers as the ZX81, ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64 and Amiga. Back then it was all about writing games.

Originally intending to become a programmer I embarked on a Computer Science degree but during my placement year, while working for Software AG in Germany, I discovered the mysterious art of software testing and have been a professional tester since 1994. I still program but mainly to help me solve testing problems.

In 1998 I became a freelance Test Consultant and launched my own testing company (Target Testing Ltd) which I still run and consult for.

Over my career I’ve been involved with projects large and small covering a various fields such as banking, transport, government and scientific systems. Sometimes I’m the only tester on a project, other times I’m part of or leading a team. These days I spend much of my time managing and delivering testing projects for clients, coaching their staff and encouraging companies to rethink how they approach testing.

If you look at my blog roll, it’s plain to see that I lean towards the Context Driven Approach to testing as, if you subscribe to the idea of different schools of testing thought, it is closest to how I have always approached testing.

My main interested within the field of testing include: test strategy, automation, model based testing, exploratory testing, coaching testers, application security and just plain old bug hunting.

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